Julian Ho Chi Minh CITY

Greetings! I am a Canadian born electrical engineer recently moved to HCMC, Vietnam. I am currently offering English tutoring services for those seeking to improve their understanding of Math, Physics, Science, or Engineering. At the Beginner level, I focus on all of the basics. At the higher levels, my specialties are:

  1. Math – Matrices with Complex Numbers, Multivariable Differential Equations, General Calculus
  2. Engineering – General Electrical Engineering, Circuits, Power Systems, Motors and VSDs, Assembly Programming, Signals and Controls, Logic and Binary, Beginner Mechanical Engineering
  3. Physics – Electromagnetism, Kinematics, Waves, Momentum, etc.

I understand that for some, these subjects are easier, while for others they are extremely difficult. You will find that my tutoring is patient, and customized to suit your learning habits, strengths and weaknesses in whichever topic you choose. With my help, these topics can finally start to make sense.


I previously worked extensively as a mathematics, calculus, physics and engineering tutor during my University enrollment. I also have 3 years of experience in training junior Engineers in the areas of design, technical writing and construction/project management. My students have consistently moved from failing to passing results.


Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering - University of Alberta, Canada - Major: Power Systems, Electrical Engineering - Minor: Linguistics; Engineering Economics Extensive work experiencing in drafting business proposal documents, economic analyses and technical engineering reports and documents, as well as executive and shareholder reports. Technical experience and training in EPCM type construction and engineering design of power systems (focus on high-voltage transmission line).

Teaching Style

Custom lessons tailored to individual's initial ability, learning method-preferences, target pace and end goals. One-on-one mentoring, in a patient, productive and positive environment. Math and sciences require a unique approach to help students understand, and this is based on individual learning styles. I provide different strategies such as example based, analytical based, analogy based, etc.
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