Private piano lessons with professional pianist graduating from Europe’s top conservatoire

Greetings, piano enthusiasts!

You are following MICHAEL’s ad, published by LEAHCIM – his alter ego. Michael is a recent graduate from one of the top conservatoires in Europe (and probably the world as well!). Ironically, the institution didn’t confer on him a Bachelor’s degree, although he remained a bachelor student during his entire course.

In light of the current situation (which is a euphemism for “job seeking” and “global pandemic”), Michael decided to leave Europe to resume his career as a private piano teacher in his hometown. With over 5 years of experience in working with learners from different backgrounds, he knows how to tailor suitable lessons for those in need. The scope of his clients spans from adult/kid beginners to professionally trained music students, covering both practical skills and music theory (as long as your pianism doesn’t surpass Michael’s musicianship!). Alongside teaching, he has also been actively performing (not only for himself in the practice room but also for an audience in public) for 15 years. Although Michael confesses that he finds it really hard to execute some of the most challenging music in the world flawlessly, he certainly knows how to help you tackle the rest step by step. (Worry not, I don’t think you two will have to deal with any hair-raising pieces in a foreseeable future!).

At this stage, I assume the vast majority of you have already grown some concerns about the tuition fee.  Just before you make any reactions, please rest assured that we will also factor in the regularity, density and pacing of our sessions, the longitude and latitude of your place, your current level and desirable goal, as well as your preferred language (English/Vietnamese/broken elementary French). As a Saigon resident for more than 2 decades, Michael is happy to commute for less than 11 km (or nearly 7 miles, for the Imperial crowd) from Ben Thanh Market to reach you. Otherwise, you may consider online lessons which are offered at a more affordable cost, although the quality (often internet-induced) might not be equally satisfying.

You’ve probably digested quite a handful amount of information by now, so… why not get in touch with Michael and see if your paths would cross, even at just one intersection? You’ll never know until you try! His phone number is +84793450116 (also on Whatsapp, Viber and zalo). If you hear a female voice answering the call, that’ll be his assistant Jennie. In case you opt for a more professional/traditional way, your emails could find Michael well at (whichever way, he’ll get back to you ASAP).

Thanks for putting up with me. I wish you a lovely day, regardless of the weather and timezone!

LEAHCIM (MICHAEL’s alter ego)

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