Professional TESOL-certified English tutor from the US

TP Hồ Chí Minh

Professional TESOL-certified English tutor from the US

Kinh nghiệm

ESL Teacher HCMC, Vietnam Ninja Teacher Academy October 2019 ● Taught English to Vietnamese students throughout Saigon, ranging from 5-30 years old ● Created engaging lesson plans to ensure learning objectives were met ● Utilized activities and practice opportunities to help students apply the target language ESL Teacher China Online Palfish July 2018 - Present ● Taught English to Chinese students, ranging from 4-13 ● Facilitated over 200 successful, interactive, and engaging English lessons ● Strong focus on using TPR (total physical response)

Sơ yếu lý lịch

Ninja Teacher Academy Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 150 Hour TESOL Certificate October 2019 ● 150 hours of total study ● 120 hours in-classroom training ● 6 hours observing foreign English teachers with Vietnamese students ● 6 hours of teaching English to Vietnamese students ● 2 days of peer teaching and feedback ● 20 hours of practicum total Weber State University Ogden, Utah Bachelor of Science in Business Accounting April 2018 ● Peace Corps Campus Ambassador ● Wiley CPA Campus Representative ● Goddard Leadership Forum Participant

Phong cách giảng dạy

- Great classroom management - Proficient lesson planning skills - Fun and enthusiastic - Great will children - Strong verbal and written communication - Maintains a high degree of professionalism - Punctual, reliable, and organized - Excellent use of visual cues and eliciting TPR in the classroom - Success teaching students of all ages

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