Học tiếng Hàn với giáo viên người Hàn

Ho Chi Minh CITY

Hi. Guys.
I am Kim and Korean teacher.
I’ve been living in Ho chi minh city for 7 years.
And I’ve met some people who want to learn Korean language for their job and studying in Korea.
Some still have difficulty to find right place to learn Korean.
To help you guys, I’ve started to teach Korean.
As tutor,I will try to support you to get whatever you want.
It might be hard, but we can make it fun.
Let’s study together and achieve what we want.


* Teaching experience: I only have experiences as private tutor and I’ve taught 3 students so far. (2 students for Korean, 1 for Japanese) * Working experience: Worked with Japanese company for 5 years * Certification: Korean teaching license/JLPT 1


Learning something new is hard, but it will be fun too. Let’s make it fun with me. I’ve been living in vietnam for 7 years. I am not good at speaking Vietnamese, but I can communicate with you in Vietnamese. I hope you guys choose me and make good relationship between us. Thank you.

Teaching Style

It depends on student’s purpose. If it is just for fun, I prefer to chat a lot and share some useful expressions. If it is for test, It will be totally different way. It will be focused on listening, reading to get high score.
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