Don’t worry~ You can communicate in Korean ^^

Ho Chi Minh CITY

Korean is very different from Vietnamese and English in not only grammar but also in how to make sounds and intonation. And Koreans put emotions and feelings in their pronunciation and intonation.

When learning a new language that is very different from the mother tongue, it is necessary to steadily correct the wrong pronunciation habits at the beginning of speaking. And you need to correct the intonation of your mother tongue so you can speak naturally and confidently later.

O. K. If you are ready to learn Korean now, let’s do it step by step with me.


Private classes are currently in progress in District 1 You can learn Korean even if you cannot speak Korean or English at all. Don\'t worry, try it. You can learn step by step. Challenge students who have hardened pronunciation that Koreans cannot understand, and those who have a lot of difficulty reading and writing.


Bachelor of Education in Korean as a Foreign Language Completion of the university lifelong education course for teaching Korean as a foreign language. 2 years living in Ho Chi Minh City. Working with Vietnamese staff for 1 year, speaking English and Korean

Teaching Style

Classes are individually tailored to the students\' Korean learning goals. Beginners consist of listening/speaking/reading classes, focusing on correct pronunciation and survival conversation. For learners who are studying abroad or seeking employment, who have learned survival conversation, additional classes are provided through corrections along with simple writing homework.
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