Julian Ho Chi Minh CITY

Greetings! I am a Canadian born electrical engineer recently moved to HCMC, Vietnam. I am currently offering English tutoring services for those seeking to enhance their English-language abilities in an academic, business or technical setting. As an Engineer and former Project Manager in Canada, I have extensive knowledge regarding the needs and expectations for anyone seeking to work in a multinational business or technical environment. In addition, I studied linguistics during University, and have a keen understanding of pronunciation, accents and tone. My tutoring is customized to suit your individual needs, goals and skill-set. While I can certainly help prepare you for any of the English proficiency exams needed in the current international academic world, my goal is to enhance your English ability to put you at the same competitive level as a native speaker in a technical or business environment. To do so, I focus on a very wide range of topics, including speaking (tone, inflection, pacing, stress); writing (styles, syntax, grammar, punctuation, register, voice, audience); listening (understanding both native speakers and non-native speakers); reading (comprehension, speed, paraphrasing, summarizing, key-word identification) and technical and business vocabulary. My tutoring doesn’t just prepare you for success at school, but also in your future career!


I am a new tutor in the field of language, but worked extensively as a mathematics, calculus, physics and engineering tutor during my University enrollment. I also have 3 years of experience in training junior Engineers in the areas of technical writing and construction/project management.


Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering - University of Alberta, Canada - Major: Power Systems, Electrical Engineering - Minor: Linguistics; Engineering Economics Extensive work experiencing in drafting business proposal documents, economic analyses and technical engineering reports and documents, as well as executive and shareholder reports.

Teaching Style

Custom lessons tailored to individual's initial ability, learning method-preferences, target pace and end goals. One-on-one mentoring, in a patient, productive and positive environment. Overall enhancement of speaking (including pronunciation, intonation and inflection); listening (with specific focus on ability to understand different dialects of native English speakers like British and American, as well as ESL speakers like Germans and Japanese); reading (comprehension and speed); writing (grammar, syntax, word choice, punctuation, formal and informal voice, and more). Writing lessons can also be optionally expanded to include different writing types such as reports, technical documents proposals, speeches, persuasive arguments, etc.
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