Châu Hà Nội

Hello, my name is Chau Doan,

I am teaching photography course which has 6 theory sections, 3 hours each time and three field shootings. I have worked for AP, Reuters, AFP and many other international media.

I have had workshop for U.N staff, communication officers of American Embassy in Vietnam, World Bank staffs and different NGOs. This course is designed for 6 weeks with the purpose of giving students plenty of time to take photos between lessons.

The fee is $250 for 27 hours. You will be member of Chau Doan Photography Group and you can upload photos there in order to have my comments to further develop your skill after the course. The class will be in my house at number 8 alley 107 Dao Tan Street, Hanoi, Vietnam.


The 6 theory sections are about:

  1. History of photography. Camera construction, lens, photography principle, basic concepts like  aperture, shutter speed, exposure, how to hold the camera…
  2. In this section I teach about what I called as Photography Language. What make a photo valuable. Things like: Moment, emotion, graphic design, story…
  3. After the 1st field shooting. This section will be about photo editing, selection photos..
  4. More about photo editing using Photography Language to choose photo, basic Photoshop skill.
  5. Photo editing of the 2rd field shooting. Lighting in studio, concept, measure intensity of light, light source, practice shooting with studio light.
  6. Photo editing of the 3rd field shooting and about photo essay.

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